Use 2x4x8 Formula For Faster Growth

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August 17, 2018
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August 17, 2018
This article originally appeared in Industry Today on April 12, 2018

While I’ve spent the last two decades in growth strategy consulting helping businesses better understand consumers to drive superior growth, the core of what I do is very oriented to a business to business context. I have a long history of working with C-Suite executives in industries of all kinds to understand their needs, find the overlap with what consumers want, and build strategy from there. All in the name of growth.

My book, Superconsumers, is based on the idea that a small group of consumers who spend a lot in the category and deeply care emotionally about it, drive an exponentially higher share of revenue, profit, growth and insights to build strategy. But the concept works just as easily in a business to business context, but is often overlooked. B2B superconsumers are just as powerful and you can use a simple 2x4x8 formula to find and unlock them to grow faster.


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