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“This mixes serious data mining and personal connections to find new growth”



“This mixes serious data mining and personal connections to find new growth”



“Whether the product is a piece of surfer gear or nacho cheese, Superconsumers have the capacity to turn a ripple into a wave”

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Superconsumers: A simple, speedy and sustainable path to superior growth

Pork dorks. Craftsters. American Girl fans. Despite their different tastes, these eclectic diehards have a lot in common: they’re obsessed about a specific brand, product, or category. They pursue their passions with fervor, and they’re extremely knowledgeable about the things they love. They aren’t average consumers—they’re superconsumers.

Although small in number, superconsumers can have an outsized impact on a company’s bottom line. Representing 10% of total consumers, they can drive between 30% to 70% of sales, and they’re usually willing to spend considerably more than the average consumer. And because they’re so engaged and passionate, they can offer invaluable advice to managers looking to improve their products, change their business models, energize their cultures, and attract new customers.

In Superconsumers, growth strategy expert Eddie Yoon lays out a simple but extremely effective framework that has helped companies of all types and sizes achieve more sustainable growth: he’ll show you how to find, listen to, and engage with your most passionate and profitable consumers, and then tailor your decisions to meet their wants and needs. Along the way, he’ll let you into the minds and homes of superconsumers of all kinds, revealing what makes them tick and why they’re willing to spend so much more than other consumers.

Rich with data and case studies of companies that have implemented superconsumer strategies with great success, Superconsumers is a fun, practical, and inspiring guide for anyone interested in making their best customers even better.

  • Keith Levy, President, Royal Canin USA, a division of Mars, Inc.—
    “Every company says they put their customers first. But their actions don’t always reflect their words. It isn’t for lack of effort, though. The truth is, it feels like we face only ‘either/or’ choices between our businesses and our customers. Eddie Yoon has helped company after company break free from this compromise and reach its full potential. Superconsumers shows you how to do it and how to accelerate your growth.”
    Keith Levy, President, Royal Canin USA, a division of Mars, Inc.—
  • Man Jit Singh, President, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment—
    “Superconsumers have helped me throughout my career—from selling instant noodles in India to marketing movies in Hollywood. You can ask anyone who works for Sony Home Entertainment Pictures about superconsumers. No matter how junior they are or what role they have, they will know exactly what you’re talking about. We have embedded superconsumers deeply into our culture.”
    Man Jit Singh, President, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment—
  • Steve Hughes, cofounder and CEO, Sunrise Strategic Partners—
    “I’ve had the good fortune of building megabrands with the largest, most respected companies and helping up-and-coming entrepreneurs. In each situation, superconsumers were the ‘secret sauce’ for success. In my experiences as a marketer, a CEO, and now as a private equity investor, superconsumers have always been a proven part of my playbook.”
    Steve Hughes, cofounder and CEO, Sunrise Strategic Partners—


“This truly brings the immense powers of superconsumers to life – a fascinating description of how superconsumers can help you create new categories.” Daniela

“Finding and listening to your super consumers will allow you to clearly hear the answer through all of the noise. After hearing Eddie Yoon on the Legends and Losers Podcat I immediately bought his book. It is the MOST READABLE business book I’ve I’ve gotten from Harvard Press. Why I’m an auditory learner, I’m glad I go the physical book as there are lot of charts that really communicate the ideas clearly. I most highly recommend this book” – Tom Schwab

“This is a great read. Fun stories, brought to life with impact on real businesses. Also felt very grounded in data…refreshingly, it’s not the typical biz book formula of academic-psychology-study loosely draped over business stories” Pete

” The multiple stories and examples of several businesses made the concepts very clear to understand, and I was able to relate, and apply directly to my own small business. Highly recommend to any business owner or manager from startup to large company.” Brandt

“The book is low on hype and high on information. This can be a book worthy of consideration, before your business rivals discover it! Even if you don’t have a business, it is fascinating an engaging reading nonetheless.” Erik Krummins

“Eddie’s writing style is honest and winsome. He writes from personal experience but with professional expertise that solidifies the points he makes in the book. The book is filled with interesting and informative case studies of true superconsumers in the marketplace. Eddie writes with great detail and passion as he teaches companies how to identify and serve their superconsumers in a way that in turn helps the companies know themselves better and grow as a result.” Ginger Friesen

“This book is relevant for all markets and for any business that has a customer (or in Silicon valley, a user). Through engaging examples, Yoon shows why it’s important to your business to find these Super Consumers and how to find them. Of equal importance, he also shows how to sell this idea internally to stakeholders.” TR

“For marketers that are looking at how best to grow their brands, this book is a must-read. We all get distracted by trying to be all things to all people when selling our product, which in many cases leads to average / below-average results. By focusing on your SuperConsumer, you can create a path for meaningful growth. His stories are what bring the book to life.” Sean Ogar

“Superconsumers are an easy way to set up strategic guardrails for any business — from the largest global multinational company to the smallest start-up. As someone who has found applications for superconsumers in more entrepreneurial environments, I’ve seen firsthand how supers can help early stage companies place smarter, better bets and find focus in the noise” Claire

“Eddie Yoon knows his consumers, and more importantly, he knows how to guide the rest of us to think about consumer segments differently. Whether you’re in B2B, C2C, B2C businesses, his insights can improve your thinking about your customer base. He clearly demonstrates the fallacy of ‘the average consumer’ which alone is worth a solid read. His observations can help everyone think more deeply about assumptions toward their customer base, whatever the industry. Excellent read.” Eileen O’Hara

“The book not only helps to build more a productive dialogue with consumers, but provides a step by step guide on how consumer insights evolve into successful strategic decisions. The candid anecdotes + relatable case studies layout a simple path for immediate impact — empowering the reader to assess and revise the decisions they’re making today!”

“Eddie does a fantastic job articulating the multiplicative effect of tapping your most powerful consumers. A fast and fun read for anyone looking to turbocharge their business, regardless of industry!” David Gacom


Eddie Yoon is the founder of EddieWouldGrow, LLC a think tank and advisory firm on growth strategy. Prior to this he was a partner at The Cambridge Group, a strategy consulting firm that helps Fortune 500 CEOs drive growth by unlocking consumer demand. His work over the past two decades has driven over $5 billion dollars of annual profitable growth in consumer packaged goods, durables, robotics and energy. Eddie is one of the world’s leading experts on finding and monetizing superconsumers to grow and create new categories. He is the author of Superconsumers, published by Harvard Business School Press, which was recently named one of the Top Business Books of 2017 by Strategy + Business. He contributes regularly on consumers, future demand and growth strategy to the Harvard Business Review and on startups with and has been a key note speaker at conferences in Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.