Stop Everything and Start Innovating: Apple’s Self-Driving Cars Is About to Create Demand for This Type of Product

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June 7, 2018
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June 7, 2018
This article originally appeared in Inc. on June 21, 2017

With summer comes swimming and splashing in water. Eventually someone climbs up to the diving board and shouts, “Cannonball!”. Everyone shrieks at the impending ripple effects and waves generated by that one single act. Tim Cook effectively did that when he confirmed that Apple was indeed exploring ‘autonomous systems’, specifically related to autonomous automobiles.

There is a lot of curiosity around how exactly Apple will enter the automobile industry. Will it be a Trojan Horse to sell more iPhones (which is the majority of Apple’s revenues today)? Will it be a better version of a Tesla, with Apple’s signature emphasis on connectivity, aesthetics and entertainment? Will they create an entirely new category of cars, in the same way that the minivan–a living room on wheels–was so disruptive to the auto market in 1983? Imagine, a home office or mancave on wheels.


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