Struggling to Find New Customers? Here’s a Strategy That Actually Works

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This article originally appeared in Inc. on December 20, 2017

Among the many business proverbs Mark Cuban has said, one of my favorite is “you don’t own your business, your customers do.” This is truer now more than ever. If you acquire the right customer, ideally a high profit and high passion superconsumer, then you not only acquired a sale but a stream of powerful insights as to how to make your business better. Acquiring the right customer can lead to a great customer review, which can make or break your business.

Given how important customer acquisition is, it amazes me how many startups-and large companies-still get it wrong and choose simple yet totally inefficient and inaccurate ways to acquire customers. Here are two ways companies get it wrong and a solution to significantly improve it.

Don’t Fall Prey to Deceptive Demographics to Acquire Customers.


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