This Strange Pineapple Costs 10 Times More Than the Average. Here’s What Your Startup Can Learn From It

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June 7, 2018
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June 7, 2018
This article originally appeared in Inc. on January 5, 2018

Breakthrough innovation is tricky. Pricing is tricky as well. But doing both to create a breakthrough new pineapple that costs 10 times more than an average pineapple? That’s an incredible feat, especially to me as a fruit superconsumer and a growth strategist.

This is what Frankie’s Nursery in Waimanalo Hawaii on the island of Oahu did a while back. They created the Meli Kalima pineapple, also known as the Honey Cream pineapple. An exotic fruit tree expert, Frank Sekiya, noticed some marked improvement on some pineapples that had grown near some of his white jade pineapples. After some experimentation over three years, he created this honey cream pineapple which is significantly sweeter, with less acidity and smoother texture.


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