From December 18 to December 22  I will be giving away one signed copy of my book, Superconsumers: A Simple, Speedy, and Sustainable Path to Superior Growth.

It is my hope you will find the insights in the book helpful in planning your business operations. Whether you are in the initial phases of launching a startup or run a Fortune 500 country, every company, regardless of category, will increase growth simply by focusing on your Superconsumers. This book shows you how to find and get the most out of these valuable customers.

Entering is simple. Sign in with your email address and your Twitter account below. For each action, you will receive entries into the contest. The winner will be selected randomly from those entries every day this week.

I love hearing feedback and connecting with people who found the book useful. If you have your own story of how Superconsumers lead to more growth of your company or your category, please reach out and share those stories with me!

Good luck and happy holidays!!!

Eddie Yoon
Founder, EddieWouldGrow & Author of Superconsumers



Superconsumers Holiday Giveaway

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